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~Poetic Windstorms~

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"Poetry is thoughts that breathe,
and words that burn."  ~Thomas Gray~



Floating freely
calm and safe.

Falling quickly
no time to brace.

In a flash
lives can change.

Twist and flip
totally rearranged.

Live every second
like it's your last.

It could be gone
like it came--
that fast.


Believe in me

Like I believe in you

Believe that our love

Will stay faithful and true


Believe with a passion

In what’s righteous and whole

Believe with your heart, mind

And your soul


Believe in yourself

And the fight deep inside

Believe in your strength

To survive any ride

The Simple Things


Too many times

We’ve taken for granted

The things we

Experience everyday.


So simple they seem

So typical too

That “Comfort Zone”

We have created.


We tend to forget

That as fast

As they came


Even faster

They can be taken….



I Am


Just when you think

No one’s around and

You’re there by yourself

You’ll hear a soft sound’


The beat of your heart

The rise of your chest

The thoughts in your mind

Are all me at my best’


I’m the wind in your hair

The warm sun in the sky

The soft breeze on your skin

And the love in your eye’


The path back to you


It's been a long time coming
A rough road I've traveled
Twists and turns
Bumps and bridges
In the path back to you.

So many times
I felt like quitting
Laying down and giving up
Trying to wrap myself
In my own self-pity
Full of nothing but confusion
And so much self-doubt.

But every time
I lay my head down
Ready to accept defeat
This bright light
Would pierce my eyes
Burning deep within my mind
My heart and soul.

Covering me entirely
With its warm protective glow
Giving me the strength I need
With it's powerful, gentle hands
Pushing me closer still
Down that path that leads to you.

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