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~Poetic Windstorms~

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Passionate embrace

Kisses soft as lace.

Memories in my mind

No escape can I find.

Dreams of your touch

All the things I want so much.

Missing you breaks my heart

When will our life together start.

I need you desperately

Don't you feel the same for me.

My love is unconditional

Faithful, pure and dependable.

Longing to feel your love

Sent to me from Heaven above.

After All


After all

The heartbreaks

After all

The pain

After all

The stops and starts

Here we are again.


After all

The memories

After all

The tears

After all

The promises

It’s back to where we’ve been.


After all

We’ve given

After all

We’ve shared

After all

We’ve lost apart

Love brought us together again.


Your Arms 
In your arms
I'm safe and free
I'm exactly where
I'm supposed to be.

In your arms
There's nothing to fear
Nothing can hurt me
As long as you're near.

In your arms
I'm surrounded by light
I'm wrapped in your love
No more need for me to fight.

I love the way


You know that

I love you

Now let me

Tell you why.


I cant tell you

All of them

But there’s some

That I will try.


I love the way

You look at me

The way you

Say my name

I love the way

You always know

If something’s real

Or just a game.


I love the way

You laugh

Your sweet voice

And the way it sounds

I love the way

You love me back

So totally and true

Without bounds.




In my heart
you seem to stay.

Shaking me up
in every way.

Touching my soul
deep down inside.

No way that my feelings
from you I can hide.

I long for your touch
and thirst for your kiss

Your passion and love
I will forever miss.

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